Friday, March 26, 2010

How Dato Sri Liow Tiong Lai Been Protected By MACC

Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission Deputy Commissioner Dato Mohd Shukri Abdull Is Protecting Dato Sri Liow Tiong Lai

Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) Deputy Commissioner has been paid a sum of RM 10 Million by Dato' Seri Tiong King Sing to give full protection to Dato Sri Liow Tiong Lai to close his corruption case in regards to the Toyota Alphard which is worth more than half million Ringgit.

My last revelation regarding MACC with hopes that MACC will take serious investigation and action against Dato Sri Liow Tiong Lai but due to large sum of money has been paid to Deputy Commissioner of MACC, the case is now being ordered to be close without further action. The evidence can be seen very clearly when Liow Tiong Lai’s wife was called for interrogation in MACC office. When the press and media got news of this incident, they swarm around MACC office where Liow Tiong Lai’s wife is being questioned by MACC officers, the MACC Deputy Commissioner ordered his men to smuggle Datin Sri out of MACC office through the basement car park. On the very next day, the Deputy Commissioner screw all of his officers regarding the leak of news to press and media regarding the investigation of the Alphard case.

Another very silly excuse given by Deputy Commissioner to his Director of Investigation and officers that during the MCA campaign for fresh election no investigation can be carried out. He told his officer that MACC do not want to be seen to take side. It’s a very beautiful excuses but I would like to suggest it is better to declare MACC is on holiday during any party election or better to close down MACC during the party election, so nobody can accuse MACC take side. I believe public would share the feeling with me that its better for Deputy Commissioner to take leave during party election or resign and sleep at home so nobody can accuse him for investigating and take side.

Come back to the case where MACC has fail to investigate and take necessary action, now I would like to provide more information to them, so MACC will not have any more excuses for not wanting to investigate.
Dato Chai Kim Seng is a crony/proxy of YB Dato Sri Liow Tiong Lai, his net worth is about RM 20 million with many big cars and big bungalow house worth million plus company shares and cash in the bank.
Dato Chai Kim Seng declared that he borrow RM 60,000 from Datin Sri, the wife of Dato Sri Liow Tiong Lai, and he pay back by installment sum of RM 4,700 monthly, where this amount was used to pay the installment for her Alphard luxurious van.

Here is the juice of the story. Few years ago, Dato Sri Liow Tiong Lai instructed his crony, Dato Chai Kim Seng to undertake design, build and develop a hospital in Kuala Selangor. The project estimated to be value at RM 25 million. Dato Chai then informs his partner Dato Benny from Axis Jaya Sdn Bhd regarding this deal. They then arrange that the project to be awarded to a company by the name of Mohd Hj Sirat Sdn Bhd which is a 100% bumiputera company. Dato Chai and Dato Benny then get the bumiputera company to sub-contract the entire project back to their company Axis Jaya Sdn Bhd so no one will notice that the Minister award the contract directly to Axis Jaya Sdn Bhd. The bumiputera company is just a commission brokering company which doesn’t do anything but got a cut from the total project value.

Dato Benny Ho then pays the money to Dato Chai, which Dato Chai paid the exact same amount to Liow’s wife. Below is a diagram regarding all the links:-

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kong Cho Ha False Claims

This is a true story happening in MCA. In the year 2002, MACC then ACA, received complain regarding MP’s from BN, PAS, DAP and PKR doing false claim. One of the MP is Kong Cho Ha. In 2003, MACC start investigation regarding false claim for “tuntutan perjalanan” involving RM 10,000.00 monthly. Please check MACC report 99/2003. From the investigation, MACC discovered that Kong Cho Ha had conducted false claims and be recommended to be charged in court under Section 11(c) of the Anti- Corruption Act 1997. Detail fact of this will be out soon. As then MCA president, Ong Ka Ting also wanted Kong Cho Ha to be charged but why MACC still delay up till today?


I’m a strong supporter of Ong Ka Ting. I strongly believe that Chua Soi Lek and Kong Cho Ha must be eliminated through revelation of their corruption case.

Tourism Ministry Part 2

Ng Yen Yen is very upset with the revelation of her corruption plan. Now she has to make changes and rearrange her entire game plan again.

This time we talked about how Ruzi Sekh Ahamad from Kelantan, the owner of Sen Media Sdn Bhd destroy both Dato Mirza and Azalina from Ministry of Tourism. As Dato Mirza and Azalina doesn’t see eye to eye regarding the corruption project that Azalina wanted, Ruzi therefore told Azalina to contact Datuk Shukri (MACC) to inform him that she has corruption information against Dato Mirza. Ruzi then use Hisham from Pakar Media Sdn Bhd to lodge a corruption report against Dato Mirza. MACC therefore make an investigation into this report. This is then the end of Dato Mirza in Tourism Ministry.

Once this target is out, Ruzi then work with Dato Shukri (MACC) to get Azalina. As Ruzi knows that Azalina political secretary suppose to collect some corruption money for Azalina political fund in Pelita restaurant in Ampang, Ruzi set up for Azalina political secretary to be busted by MACC. This incident then marks the end for Azalina too as the news break out to the public.

Ng Yen Yen was very happy regarding the good job that Ruzi had done. Ng Yen Yen awarded Tourism Malaysia Publicity to her son’s friend company Sen Media Sdn Bhd which is owned by Ruzi. Her son then collected few millions RM from Ruzi from this deal. This Tourism Publicity campaign is to advertise Malaysia in international media like BBC, STARTV, AXN, CNBC, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHY and many more. Please investigate and record statement from media owner in Singapore if in doubt about this. And because Ruzi has good contact in MACC, so no one can touch NYY or her son.

MACC can ask Dato Mirza regarding who is Ruzi?

Can Ruzi control Tourism Malaysia?

Why MACC so slow in investigation? Please investigate this woman with corruption!!

MACC is given enough lead for them to investigate.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


This is a true story regarding our Minister of Tourism Dato Sri Ng Yen Yen (NYY).

The Ministry of Tourism Malaysia have a budget for “Media Campaign” to promote Malaysia on tourism. This budget is called in the Ministry as Media Global Fund. The previous Minister of Tourism Dato Azalina which set up a company that was given a contract to handle the Minister of Tourism's advertising for her own benefit. The same tactic is now use by NYY. She joint venture with one company called Sen Media Sdn. Bhd. and instruct other media to join this company to get contract.

The Managing Director of this company is Ruzi bin Ahmad who is also NYY’s son good friend. NYY’s son met media owners like BBC, STARTV, CNBC, ESPN, National Geographic, Phoenix HK, and Discovery Channel to negotiate and asked for 30% commission. The total budget for this campaign is RM 33 Million, and NYY’s son seeks a total commission around RM 10 Million from them.

Dato Mirza can confirm with this dealing, as the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia suppose to meet on 3rd April to start the media campaign and conclude by end of April, but NYY need to push this deal fast. NYY pressured Dato Mirza to carry forward the meeting to 9th March and starts the program by 15th March.

Due to the current situation, especially in MCA’s situation, NYY need to use the money for personal gain during the MCA’s current turmoil. For readers’ pondering, why should NYY need to move forward the campaign to 15th March 2010 and instruct her office to award the contract urgently so hasty? Why not evaluate other companies and follow the process?

Ruzi the Managing Director from Sen Media Sdn. Bhd. has made the first payment to NYY with a sum of RM 2 Million thru NYY’s son, which the money was received in Mont Kiara coffee shop. Authorities (MACC) can check with the media owner in Singapore who they paid the money to, and MACC are able to trace the money from Malaysia local company and their dealing partners in Singapore. This information is genuine as Dato Mirza has full knowledge on this, also because Ruzi have warned Dato Mirza to follow his every instruction. If Dato Mirza fails to comply with Ruzi’s order, Ruzi will punish Dato Mirza as he is a very good friend and partner of NYY’s son to the extent of sending him to jail.

With the information gathered by various brave individuals, it clearly show that NYY already misused her power in the ministry by giving contract to her son’s company and taken bribe sum of RM 2 Million. We can only hope the MACC is able to check on this matter and start eradicating corrupted leaders of our MALAYSIA.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Masa Depan SPRM Dengan Mr.Klean

My first post brings you this particular piece by MACC officers themselves.

Here is the scanned letters from MACC officers:-

Masa depan SPRM Dengan Mr.Klean

Kami warga SPRM ingin ketengahkan beberapa isu yang sedang berlaku didalam SPRM. Kami merasa tidak puashati dengan tindaktanduk Timbalan Ketua Pesuruhjaya SPRM Dato Shukri Abdul ( Mr. Klean )- Pelakon handalan. Beliau menunjukan diri beliau sebagai orang yang baik, alim dan tegas. Setelah beliau memegang jawatan Timbalan Ketua Pesuruhjaya, Mr Klean telah mengatur beberapa strategi secara halus yang mana kesannya akan memudharatkan kerajaan umumnya dan SPRM Khususnya yang sedang menjalani proses pemulihan. Beliau melakukan perkara ini demi kepentingannya diri sendiri. Pada pendapat kami perlantikan beliau adalah satu kesilapan besar yang dibuat oleh kerajaan.

Dalam tahun 2007, SPRM telah menyiasat kes melibatkan seorang ternama yang mempunyai kesan luka dimata. Walaupun sukar dibuktikan Mr.Klean dalam satu mesyuarat telah mengarahkan Pegawai Penyiasat kes supaya mencadangkan Tan Sri Ghani Patail tuduh manakala Tan Sri Musa Hassan dijadikan sebagai saksi. Mr.Klean cuma memberi arahan secara lisan tetapi tidak mahu buat minit bertulis. Fail masih disimpan dalam simpananya. Setelah lama baharulah kami ketahui yang Mr.Klean mahukan Dato Yusof menjadi Peguam Negara ..... Apa agenda beliau kami tidak tahu.

Setelah beliau memegang jawatan sekarang, beliau telah mula mengarahkan orang kanannya supaya mengumpul maklumat aktiviti rasuah Tan Sri Musa Hassan di Johor dan Kuala Lumpur. Contoh kaitan dengan Tengku Goh. Perkara ini telah disiasat dan diputuskan tiada kes, tetapi sekarang dia sengaja mulakan penyiasatan. Apakah tujuan Mr. Klean dalam hal ini. Apakah beliau mempunyai agenda tersendiri. Nak tahu, dalam tahun 2009 Dato Ramli Yusoff telah didapati tidak bersalah oleh .mahkamah di Sabah kerana salahguna kuasa. Keputusan tuduh dibuat oleh Peguam Negara dan kes ini dikendalikan oleh DPP yang sangat berpengalaman, tetapi Dato Ramli boleh menang. Puncanya, maklumat mendapati Mr.Klean telah menyalurkan maklumat berkaitan kes kepada pihak lawan melalui orang kananya. Ini bertujuan untuk menyelamatkan kawanya yang pernah bersama-sama bertugas di sabah. Mr.Klean mengganggap kejatuhan Dato Ramli adalah berpunca berpunca daripada Tan Sri Musa Hassan. Oleh itu beliau bertindak sedemikian.

Apabila kita lihat Mr.Klean menunjukan gaya tegasnya, tapi jangan terpedaya, beliau rupanya adalah seorang yang romantik. Mr. Klean suka dikelilingi oleh perempuan. Tua pun jadilah ... Tak Percaya tanyalah pegawai-pegawai wanita yang pernah bertugas dimanamana tempat Mr.Klean pernah bertugas. Kebanyakan pegawai ini menyampah dengan tingkahlaku beliau, tetapi apakan daya; sudah jadi Bosss. Contohnya semasa menjadi Pengarah Sabah, beliau ada hubungan intim (?????) dengan seorang pegawai Sabah. Hubungan ini masih berterusan sehingga hari ini apabila beliau melawat sabah. Baru-baru ini Mr.Klean dengan kuasa yang ada merancang nak jadikan pegawai itu sebagai PA beliau. Periksa telefon bimbit mr.Klean, ayat sungguh romantik sekali. Tanya Roslina, mayalina dan Norsiah.

HQlAduan No 176/2006, Kes melibatkan Abdul Rashid memegang jawatan tertinggi di Jabatan Audit Negara telah dikatakan telah meminta dan menerima rasuah 4 unit Laptop/PDA berkaitan tender Audit Bil T3/2003. Dalam bulan November 2006 satu operasi telah dilancarkan. Dokuman berkaitan Laptop telah dijumpai di Syarikat Swasta yang terlibat manakala Laptop berkaitan juga dapat dirampas daripada Abdul Rashid. Seterusnya ditangkap. Keterangan juga adalah bagi mendakwa Abdul Rashid, Kesudahanya Abdul Rashid telah dilepaskan dengan tanpa syarat oleh SPRM/BPR pada malam itu juga, yang menyakitkan hati pegawai yang terlibat dalam tangkapan diarahkan supaya hantar sampai ke rumah ( seperti tetamu WIP). Kes Pun TUTUP. Nak tahu macam mana boleh WIP, Abdul Rashid Bin Yaakub adalah kawan dan tidak tahu apa lagi hunbungan kepada Mr.Klean, sejak beliau bertugas di Kelantan. Apabila mengetahui kawan dia telah ditangkap, beliau bergegas datang ke pejabat mengarahkan Pegawai Penyiasat lepaskan serta merta kawanya. Selepas itu beliau telah mengarahkan pegawai penyiasat memanipulasikan fakta dan dokuman supaya kes ini lemah. Beliau juga mengarahkan Pegawai penyiasat mencadangkan kepada Timbalan Pendakwaraya tiada kes. Sekali lagi beliau menggunakan kuasa tanpa menurunkan tandatangan dalam kertas siasatan serta secara lisan mempengaruhi Timbalan Pendakwaraya seterusnya menutup kes. Untuk makluman, Sebelum mendapat keputusan daripada Timbalan Pendakwaraya beliau mengeluarkan satu surat menyatakan tiada kes terhadap Abdul Rashid Yaakub supaya beliau boleh menjawat jawatan JUSA. Kalau nak tahu tanyalah pengawai bernama Rosli Md Isa dan Mohan. Banyak surat seperti ini telah dikeluarkan oleh beliau, tetapi kes telah didakwa. Contohnya kes melibatkan ahli politik di Pahang. Ada kes yang bakal didakwa tetapi Mr.Klean sudah mengeluarkan sijil seperti ini.

Saru-baru ini beliau sibuk hendak menuduh pegawai SPRM walaupun keterangan yang ada tidak mencukupi. Mr.Klean sedia maklum bahawa pegawai itu adalah penyokong kuat kerajaan, entah apa agendanya beliau ?

Mr. Klean sekarang ini telah mengarahkan orang kuat beliau bernama Zamri dan Sazali supaya menyiasat semula kes berkaitan Ketua Menteri Sabah, Datuk Musa Aman. Kes ini telah disiasat dan diputuskan tiada kes, tetapi kenapa ini dilakukan semula ?, Penyiasatan ini boleh dinafikan oleh beliau bahawa kes ini telah ditutup, tetapi ada anak fail, macamana ?

Kes kematian Teoh Beng Hock, kami pohon maaf kepada keluarga mangsa dan lain-lain pihak, maklumat ini bukan untuk mengganggu inkues yang sedang berjalan. Pihak berkuasa telah menyiasat serta mensyakki punca kematian dibuat oleh Pegawai SPRM Selangor, Kes ini adalah kes 'Hi Profile' segala tanggungjawap serta perkembangan perlu dilaporkan kepada Mr.Klean serta arahan bel as. Dalam kes ini pegawai daripada Ibupejabat juga terlibat. Apa arahan yang diberi oleh Mr.Klean. Maklumat dalaman mengatakan Mr.Klean yang mengarahkan supaya simati ditahan sehingga kes selesai disiasat. Apa maksud tersirat ini? Pada masa awal kejadian beliau memberi 'press statement' yang tidak konsisten, sehingga Ketua Pesuruhjaya pada masa itu terpaksa membuat teguran terbuka dan membetulkan pendirian SPRM. Persoalan lagi, Mengapa pegawai daripada Sahagian Siasatan Ibu Pejabat membuat laporan Polis berkaitan laporan bedah siasat Dr. Porntip, mengapa bukan pegawai selangor yang berbuat demikian sebagai orang yang berdepan dengan masalah ini?

Kesemua fakta ini menunjukkan ada sesuatu yang tidak betul berlaku didalam SPRM. Kami yakin salah satu punca perletakan jawatan oleh Dato Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan adalah permainan cara hal us Mr.Klean dengan merosakan nama SPRM supaya beliau boleh dinaikkan pang kat. Sekarang apabila beliau memegang jawatan nombor 2, tindakan halus beliau bermula lagi, sehingga Ketua Pesuruhjaya yang baru tidak dapat mengawalnya tindakanya. Sekarang mangsanya adalah Dato Abu Kassim Mohammad. Kesan daripada segala tindakan Mr.Klean akan ditanggung oleh Ketua yang baru. Beliau akan letak jawatan atas desakan dan Mr. Klean adalah KETUA PESURUHJAYA yang baru dalam tahun 2012.

Kami telah mengetengahkan beberapa isu yang perlu diberi perhatian oleh semua pihak, terutamanya kerajaan . Ada perkara yang perlu disiasat oleh pihak berwajib demi masa depan SPRM. Semasa menjalankan siasatan terhadap Mr.Klean, perlu dikenakan tindakan pengasingan dan penarikan kuasa perlu dibuat, kalau tidak sudah tentu beliau mengugut pegawai seperti kami yang ingin tampil membantu dalam penyiasatan yang dijalankan.

Sekian Terima kasih,